From chemistry to culture and all points in between, faculty and students in the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience at Duke study the determinants of human behavior.

The Department features scholarship and teaching in several subdisciplines of psychology and is the primary home for the study of the neuroscience of behavior in the College of Arts & Sciences. Department faculty have attained excellence within their specific specialty but also are known for research that reaches beyond the traditional boundaries of the discipline. Students who major in psychology or attend graduate school at Duke are challenged by the faculty to be similarly deep and broad in their thinking. As a department, we explicitly recognize the permeability of disciplinary boundaries and underscore the importance of collaborative research. We have taken as our mandate to create and support new connections among psychologists and scholars in related disciplines across the entire campus.

Please enjoy our website. I am certain that if studying human behavior interests you, you will find many things here that will capture your attention!

Department Chair
Scott Huettel

Department Chair