Core faculty:

Staci Bilbo - Neuroendocrine-immune communication, the role of cytokines in synaptic plasticity, early-life origins of risk & resilience, addiction, and stress.

Jennifer Groh - Neural basis of audition and vision: Multisensory and sensorimotor integration.

Warren Meck - Functional and neural mechanisms of interval timing and working memory: Dopamine/glutamate modulation of cortico-striatal circuits.

Christina Williams - Hormonal and nutrient effects on brain development and aging: Sex differences and epigenetic influences.

Henry Yin - Role of the basal ganglia in action and habit formation: Reward, decision making, and drug abuse.

Secondary faculty:

Alison Adcock - cognitive neuroscience of motivation and memory

William Hall - neurobiology of sensory-motor integration in the superior colliculus

Erich Jarvis- neurobiology of vocal communication

Kevin LaBar - neuroscience of emotional learning and memory in humans

Edward Levin - nicotine, psychpharmacology, neurotoxicology

Miguel Nicolelis - computational principles underlying interactions between populations of cortical and subcortical neurons that mediate perception.

Stephen Nowicki - function, evolution & perception of complex birdson

Michael Platt - ethological and neurophysiological approaches to decision making

Scott Swartzwelder- alcohol, long term potentiation, adolescence

William Wetsel - animal models of neuropsychiatry disease