Bernard Fuemmeler, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Community and Family Medicine


Unhealthy lifestyle factors, such as tobacco use, poor dietary intake, lack of physical activity, and high body mass index are the leading causes of cancer and chronic disease. The prevention of such diseases will be advanced through a more thorough understanding of the complex determinants of these lifestyle factors and the development of novel interventions that help change individual behavior for the better. Dr. Fuemmeler’s program of research takes a lifespan approach toward understanding the determinants contributing to child and adolescent health behaviors, and ultimately to adult chronic disease, as well as seeks to develop innovative intervention strategies to promote health in children, adolescents and their families. Ongoing research is investigating the prenatal and early childhood factors associated with neurodevelopmental self-regulation capacity and its relation to early childhood obesity 

Dr. Fuemmeler also has strong interests in the use of digital and mobile health (mHealth) and is Director of the mHealth@duke consortium. This is an multidisciplinary student and faculty organization designed accelerate mHealth researchers at Duke and the Durham Community. See our blog for more details