Julie Martin

Graduate Assistant


I am a fifth-year graduate student in the Social Psychology PhD program. I study how people's fundamental need to belong affects their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Looking to pursue a career in applied social science research after I graduate in Spring 2017. Experienced in applied research design, methodology, data analysis and reporting. Demonstrated ability to work independently and efficiently to produce useful, new knowledge to inform program and institutional decision-making.

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Utamsingh, PD, Richman, LS, Martin, JL, Lattanner, MR, and Chaikind, JR. "Heteronormativity and practitioner-patient interaction." Health communication 31.5 (January 2016): 566-574. Full Text Open Access Copy

Basow, SA, Codos, S, and Martin, JL. "The Effects of Professors' Race and Gender on Student Evaluations and Performance." College Student Journal: a journal pertaining to college students 47.2 (2013): 352-363.