Robin Dunn

Program Coord

Human Subjects Coordinator (credit and paid), Human Subjects Recruitment, Undergraduate Subject Pool, DPP Database, Subject Payments, Short Term Cash Fund for Human Subjects

Whitney Edmister

Career Specialist and Assistant to Director of Undergraduate Studies

Program & administrative support for undergraduate student program, classroom schedules, departmental laptop and projector, content manager for undergrad section of P&N website

Susan Harward

Grants & Contracts Administrator, Senior

Grants, finances, office Management (Grey House Bldg) visa, payroll, travel

Meghann Koffi

Accounting Specialist

Payroll, human resources, visas/documentation, petty cash funds

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Cynthia Lamaster

Administrative Manager and Business Manager

Financial & administrative management, annual budgets, space planning, personnel

April Lehman

Staff Specialist

Grant purchases & travel, corporate card clearing, issue corporate cards

Robert Marks

Analyst, IT

Desktop, printer & network support, DPP database administration

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Matt Mielke

Analyst, IT

P&N IT team lead, website and social media management, desktop, printers & network support

Clarice Montgomery

Staff Asst

Receptionist, fax/copier – refill/ maintenance, mail, copies, supplies, maintenance calls, special events, assist with birth records

Peggy Morrell

Administrative Assistant and Assistant to Chair

Graduate School budget, liaison with the graduate school, administrative oversight of graduate programs, assist with new programs in undergraduate studies

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Stella Powell-Williams

Grants & Contracts Administrator, Team Leader - Senior

Grant preparation and monitoring, grant purchases & travel, research funds, start-up funds

Pamela Smith

Program Coord and Assistant to Director of Graduate Studies

Administrative support for graduate student programs, graduate school budget, liaison with the graduate school

Jane Utley

Staff Specialist

Administrative assistant for The Psychology Clinic, Issue keys, telephones

Murray Wickwire

Staff Asst

Administrative support for the Systems and Integrative Neuroscience Group