What does the study entail?

All of our current studies involve your child listening to various speech sounds. If you decide to participate, you and your infant will watch a series of pictures accompanied by speech sounds on a computer screen. We are interested in your baby's reactions to these sounds, and we will look at how long your child is interested in the various sounds. We will ask that you wear headphones and listen to music during the study to avoid any possible bias. If you are interested in hearing the sounds that you child listened to, we will gladly show you after the study! 

Our studies involve only one visit and the actual experiment typically lasts about 10 minutes. However, we suggest that you allow about 30 minutes for the entire visit to allow time for parking and paperwork, as well as time for your baby to play and get accustomed to the lab! We offer free and convenient parking right behind our building. If you decide to participate, one of our staff members will meet you in the parking lot to help you get up to lab. We will also walk you back to your car at the end of the session.

In what ways is this research valuable?

By examining how infants begin the complex process of language acquisition, these studies are helping us to recognize which parts of our language are the most intriguing to infants and at what point infants begin to discern the different types of speech. These theories will ultimately help parents know how to provide the best kinds of experiences for their babies and may also help identify and assist babies who are not following the typical course of development.

Will my contact and personal information be kept confidential?

Absolutely! All data we collect is completely confidential and only our lab employees have access to it. Our employees are highly skilled and are trained and certified in matters of research, subject privacy, and rights.

Do we receive anything for participating?

Yes! Regardless of whether or not your child is able to complete the entire experiment, you will be compensated $10 for your participation in our study. Additionally, you will receive a Duke "Baby Speech Scientist" Certificate thanking you for your participation as well as as picture of you and your child in our lab!