Undergraduate Studies

The Trinity College of Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate major/ minor in Psychology and an undergraduate major/minor in Neuroscience. 

In this page you can find details about the undergraduate major/minor in psychology, and a brief description of the neuroscience program. For detailed information about the undergraduate major/minor in neuroscience,please refer to the Undergraduate Neuroscience Page at  http://www.dibs.duke.edu/education/undergraduate-neuroscience.

Undergraduate Major/Minor in Psychology

The undergraduate psychology program offers two majors (A.B. and B.S.) and a minor in Psychology. At Duke, the psychology program focuses on five areas: Abnormal/Health, Biological, Cognitive, Developmental, and Social. A degree in psychology prepares students to become well rounded, liberally educated citizens, and is excellent preparation for nearly any career in which an understanding of human behavior is important. 

For information about the Psychology Major/Minor program, contact Natalia Silva Harwood in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, (919) 660-5719, Soc Psy Building, Room 242, ns134@duke.edu

Undergraduate Major/Minor in Neuroscience

The interdisciplinary undergraduate program in neuroscience draws faculty and courses from many individual departments, chiefly the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and the Department of Biology, both of which are in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences. There are also important contributions from the Department of Neurobiology in the Duke University School of Medicine and the Biomedical Engineering Department in the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University. Administrative support for this curriculum is provided by Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences.

The undergraduate neuroscience program offers two majors (B.S. and A.B.) and a minor in neuroscience.

For information about the Neuroscience major/minor program, contact the Office for Undergraduate Studies in Neuroscience, (919) 613-5025, LSRC B123

Undergraduate Jobs/Research Opportunities

See archived posts for more Opportunities.

    • Mon Sep 8
    • Parent Engagement Internship
    • Parent Engagement Internship Position Description

      I’m excited to extend the opportunity to work as Parent Engagement Intern with our organization Village of Wisdom. We empower parents to enhance the resilience of their Black boys, promoting greater academic performance. VOW helps families wrap their sons in the loving protection needed to thrive in and navigate the American school system. The position we have envisioned for you would involve supporting the facilitator of VOW's parent learning community meetings. This will provide interns a rare opportunity

    • Thu Aug 14
    • Project Manager Assistant Ophthalmology/Duke Reading Center
    •  The assistant will be assigned to a study and provide support with accession, inventory, tracking and storage of all image materials received at the Reading Center related to that study .  Assistant is responsible for distribution of images to readers for analysis, and transmittal of image grading data to study sponsor. Qualities: Strong written and verbal communication skills; strong computer skills including proficiency of Microsoft Word and Excel; ability to manage multiple software programs together; effective

    • Fri Apr 25
    • Primate Behavior & Cognition Internship Opportunities at NIH
    • Two Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA)-Intern Positions   The Comparative Behavioral Genetics Section / Laboratory of Comparative Ethology at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) carries out a program of basic biobehavioral research investigating cognitive, social-emotional, and biological development in nonhuman primates and humans.  At the NIH Animal Center (NIHAC) located near Poolesville, MD, Dr. Stephen Suomi and his colleagues investigate biological and behavioral development in selected nonhuman primate
    • Fri Apr 25
    • Lab Manager at the University of Texas at Austin, Department of Psychology
    • Cristine Legare’s Culture, Cognition, and Development Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin is currently seeking a new full-time lab manager for a one to two-year position, with benefits. The expected start date is June 30th, 2014, with continuation past the first year possible based on performance and availability of funds. Research in the lab focuses on understanding cognitive development from an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective. The candidate would be responsible for managing and overseeing
    • Fri Apr 18
    • Campaigns on Environmental and Social Justice Issues - Summer Jobs
    •  Impact issues that matter this summer with the Fund! 

      The Fund for the Public Interest is a national non-profit organization that works to build support for progressive organizations across the country. We run campaigns for the Human Rights Campaign, USPIRG, and Environment America. This summer we will be in over 50 cities, working and lobbying to help win environmental and social justice campaigns.  Last summer our staff helped stop toxic gas drilling, worked to end subsidies

    • Fri Apr 18
    • Research Assistant/Lab Manager at UC Davis
    • The Cognitive Analysis and Brain Imaging Laboratory (CABIL) at the UC Davis MIND Institute is directed by Dr. Tony J. Simon and funded by the National Institutes of Health. CABIL’s mission is to investigate, explain, and eventually treat the cognitive impairments and psychiatric disorders experienced by children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Currently CABIL research focuses on children with chromosome 22q11.2 deletion (also known as Velocardiofacial or DiGeorge) syndrome in children and adults.

       CABIL is looking for a

    • Thu Apr 17
    • Full-time Research Assistant Position at innovation Research & Training (iRT), a behavioral sciences research company, in Durham, NC
    • iRT specializes in the development, evaluation, and dissemination of evidence-based prevention and intervention programs for children and adolescents.


      Job Description:  Contribute to projects designed to develop, evaluate, and disseminate prevention programs for children and adolescents.  Participate on a team of psychologists, educators, and practitioners with responsibilities including: literature reviews; maintaining meeting minutes; contributing to program development; participating in data collection, coding, and entry; assisting with presentations, manuscript preparation, and grant writing; and providing assistance in

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