Undergraduate Studies

The Trinity College of Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate major/ minor in Psychology and an undergraduate major/minor in Neuroscience. 

In this page you can find details about the undergraduate major/minor in psychology, and a brief description of the neuroscience program. For detailed information about the undergraduate major/minor in neuroscience,please refer to the Undergraduate Neuroscience Page at  http://www.dibs.duke.edu/education/undergraduate-neuroscience.

Undergraduate Major/Minor in Psychology

The undergraduate psychology program offers two majors (A.B. and B.S.) and a minor in Psychology. At Duke, the psychology program focuses on five areas: Abnormal/Health, Biological, Cognitive, Developmental, and Social. A degree in psychology prepares students to become well rounded, liberally educated citizens, and is excellent preparation for nearly any career in which an understanding of human behavior is important. 

For information about the Psychology Major/Minor program, contact Natalia Silva Harwood in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, (919) 660-5719, Soc Psy Building, Room 242, ns134@duke.edu

Undergraduate Major/Minor in Neuroscience

The interdisciplinary undergraduate program in neuroscience draws faculty and courses from many individual departments, chiefly the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and the Department of Biology, both of which are in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences. There are also important contributions from the Department of Neurobiology in the Duke University School of Medicine and the Biomedical Engineering Department in the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University. Administrative support for this curriculum is provided by Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences.

The undergraduate neuroscience program offers two majors (B.S. and A.B.) and a minor in neuroscience.

For information about the Neuroscience major/minor program, contact the Office for Undergraduate Studies in Neuroscience, (919) 613-5025, LSRC B123