Amrita Dixit, 2013

Consulting & Marketing Strategy, DigitasLBi, Boston

How has being a P&N graduate helped shape your professional success?

After Duke, I've been working in consulting and marketing strategy. Despite not going into medicine nor research, being a Neuroscience graduate has still had a profound impact on my career. Having a scientific background helps shape the way I think through business challenges and present recommendations. The degree also makes me confident in my quantitative skills, which is critical in today's business world.

What advice would you give students in Neuroscience?

I remember being intimidated by some of the Neuroscience requirements that were more focused on the science skillset such as Chemistry or Physics. I wanted to spend all my time on behavior and psychology electives. However, the science courses arguably had a larger impact on me in the long-term. They taught me how to learn quickly and to be comfortable with data. They're tough, but worth it!

Amrita Dixit, 2013