Haley Mendoza, 2015

Research Technician, UNC School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC

How has being a P&N graduate helped shape your professional success?

It has been extremely helpful! Currently, I work as a research technician in the Center for Alcohol Studies at UNC School of Medicine in Chapel Hill, NC. This fall, I am going to be a Graduate Student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN with the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program. This program consists of 11 different departments in biomedical research, which I am really excited about! There is no way I would have found my passion for research without Duke's Neuroscience program.

What advice would you give students in Neuroscience?

Follow your passion and see where it takes you! There are so many more options than you might even imagine when thinking about a future career. You're not just limited to research and medicine. There are plenty of government agencies, start-ups and pharmaceutical companies that are looking for excited young scientists. If you put in the time and do your research, you'll find the career path that's right for you.

Haley Mendoza, 2015