Lindsay Tomson, 2012

Program Lead, Global Demos and Events, Oculus VR, a Facebook Subsidiary

Professional Background

In the 5 years since graduating, I've mostly grown my career within the people operations departments of tech companies. The bulk of my time was spent at Google, where I worked as a staffing analyst and a program manager for industry events. In July of this year, I left Google for an opportunity with Facebook's VR branch, Oculus. I now focus on cultural programs meant to increase engagement and optimism within the company.

How has being a P&N graduate helped shape your professional success?

The Tech industry, and Google's particular approach to people, really fostered my interest in Organizational Psychology. I've frequently thought about going back to school to focus more on this topic, and I see it as an essential part of the "people analytics" movement we see emerging in many progressive companies. Having the foundation of my Psychology degree really allowed me to dive into special projects and experiments meant to understand the motivation and effectiveness of my organization.


Lindsay Tomson, 2012