Stephanie Gandelman

Professional Background

After graduating, I worked in the Research & Insights division of The Advisory Board Company in Washington D.C., which focuses on best practice research for hospitals and other healthcare settings. I subsequently matriculated to the M.D. program at Einstein, and since then have also participated in research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and continued to stay connected to the Moffitt-Caspi Lab at Duke.

How has being a P&N graduate helped shape your professional success?

Because of the rapidly evolving nature of neuroscience, my Neuroscience education taught me to stay current with the literature, assess for holes in our collective understanding of a topic, and find areas where I might be able to make an impact. It gave me the tools to think critically and creatively about the interface of basic science and clinical care. Finally, the P&N department introduced me to exceptional mentors whose guidance continues to impact me today.

Stephanie Gandelman
Year & Degree: 
2013, BS Psychology
Professional Title: 
Medical student, currently in my third year
Albert Einstein College of Medicine