APRIL 3RD WEBINAR | Promoting Early Learning for Children of Immigrants: Family and Early Care and Education Supports

Young Scholars Program | 2019 Children of Immigrants Webinar Series

In 2017, the Foundation for Child Development’s Young Scholars Program (YSP) launched its inaugural Children of Immigrants Webinar series, a three-part webinar series highlighting issues related to children of immigrant families/immigrant children, presented by former YSP grantees. For over 10 years, YSP focused on the early learning and developmental needs of immigrant children/children of immigrants. The goal of the series was to increase awareness of the existing YSP research, what is known, and the implications for policy and practice. Realizing the continuing need to understand the psychosocial implications of immigration, deportation, and parental separation on young children, the Foundation has commissioned a second series consisting of three additional webinars. The Foundation is pleased to invite you to register for the final webinar:

Promoting Early Learning for Children of Immigrants: Family and Early Care and Education Supports
Date: Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Time: 2:00PM-3:30PM EST (90 minutes)

(Please note that space is limited and upon completion of registration, a confirmation email will be sent providing webinar event details.)

DESCRIPTION: Engaged families, and early care and education programs, play a vital role in fostering children’s early development and in helping children of immigrants succeed in school and life. This webinar highlights the benefits of supporting immigrant mothers and fathers as they promote their young children’s early learning at home and school. Lessons learned from two program interventions will be shared: 1) engaging Latina mothers as stakeholders involved in promoting their children’s elementary school achievement, and 2) supporting Mexican- American fathers’ positive parenting of their young children. Also presented is evidence suggesting that early care and education programs enhance academic and behavioral outcomes for young children in immigrant families. Implications for practice and recommendations for policy and future research will be discussed.

"Helping Fathers FIND their Strengths: A Randomized Pilot of a Video-Coaching Program for Mexican American Fathers"
Holly S. Schindler, Ph.D.; University of Washington

"Madres para Niños: Engaging Latina Mothers as Consultees to Promote their Children's Elementary School Achievement"
Steve Knotek, Ph.D.University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Early Care and Education for Children from Immigrant Families: Improving Access and Promoting Child Development"
Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal, Ph.D.; University of Pittsburgh 

R. Gabriela Barajas-Gonzalez, Ph.D.; New York University School of Medicine


A Closer Look: The Unique Needs and Promise of Children of Black Immigrants and Refugee Children.
Recording Date: January 23, 2019  (90 minutes
) Click here to view the webinar.

Food Insecurity and Access to Health Care: Critical Issues for the Development of Young Children of Immigrants
Recording Date: February 20, 2019 (90 minutes) Click here to view the webinar.

If you have any questions regarding the webinar series, please contact: ysp@fcd-us.org

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