Child Studies

The Child and Infant Learning and Development (CHILD) Studies Group
at Duke University is a group of research labs discovering fascinating things about how children grow and learn. We welcome volunteers between the ages of 2 months and 6 years old for our studies.

Bergelson Lab (BLAB)
PI: Elika Bergelson

We study infant word learning, in particular how infants’ early linguistic and environmental input plays a role in their learning. We focus on understanding how babies learn words from the visual, social, and linguistic world around them.

Empathy Development Lab
PI: Rita Svetlova

Our research explores social and moral development in young children (1 to 6 years of age), examining abilities such as emotion understanding, empathy, and self- and other-awareness.

Tomasello Lab
PI: Michael Tomasello

We conduct research on children’s cooperation and communication in evolutionary perspective. Recent topics include: collaboration, commitment, fairness, helping, pointing and iconic gestures, social cognition, joint decision-making, the sense of obligation, and social norms.

Wilbourn Infant Lab at Duke (WILD)
PI: Makeba Wilbourn

We study how children learn language and how different modes of input, such as gestures, may influence early language and cognitive development. In addition, we are interested in how different cultural backgrounds and linguistic experiences influence children’s language learning.



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To contact Duke Child Studies, please call or email Robin Dunn at,  (919) 660-5793