Fundamentals of Neuroscience (B) *


* Students matriculating Fall 2018 and forward can not use this course to fulfill a core course requirement, but can count it as an elective.

Introduction to neuroscience, including: basic physiology; microstructure and anatomy of neural tissues; mechanisms of neuronal development and integration; sensory-motor control; auditory, visual, and olfactory systems; the neural foundations of animal behavior; and the evolution of nervous systems. Emphasis on the development and critical evaluation of neuronal theories of brain function using biochemical, mathematical, and/or deductive/inductive models of reasoning and experimentation.Not recommended for first-year students. Prerequisite: Chemistry 20 credit or higher and Biology 20 credit or higher; for neuroscience majors, Neuroscience 101/Psychology 106 or Neuroscience 102/Psychology 107 is strongly recommended.

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