Brain and Behavior: Translating Neuroscience (B) *


* Students matriculating Fall 2018 and forward can not use this course to fulfill a core course requirement, but can count it as an elective.

This course will focus on how brain mechanisms enable behavior. We will examine the neural basis of homeostatic control, voluntary actions, motivation, emotion, and decision making. We will use systems analysis to elucidate how volition, intentionality, and purpose can be emergent properties of neuronal interactions. We will also explore how different neurological and psychiatric disorders can result from specific defects in hierarchical neural networks. Prerequisite (one of the following): Psychology 106/Neuroscience 101, Psychology 107/Neuroscience 102, Psychology 275/Neuroscience 201, or Psychology 193FS/Neurobiology 193FS/Neuroscience 193FS.

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