Neuroscience Service Learning: Brain Connections


Students engage in a minimum of 20 hours of planned service activities researching and creating neuroscience educational activities aligned with the needs of local community after-school camps. We are partnering with local organizations, such as the YMCA. The service experience integrates understanding of the cognitive developmental stage in our design of educational activities. These activities around neuroscience topics will target specific ages and grade levels. The coursework will involve critical reflection on the educational experience and community relationships.   We will design an educational curriculum together with our community partners.  We will examine ethical and civic dimensions of the service experience through reflection and self-assessment, discussion and learning from partners, analysis of readings and other resources. Throughout our service, we will adopt culturally sensitive practices and explore ways to make our educational activities maximally accessible. Students will be working collaboratively in teams throughout the semester.

Instructor: Minna Ng

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Students engage in active learning with Prof. Ng.

Crosslisting Numbers: 

PSY 444S

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