Integrated Survey Messaging System (InSMS): A flexible and scalable approach to survey distribution and tracking

April 24, -
Speaker(s): Fernanda Andrade
Daily diary and ecological momentary assessment (EMA) methods are increasingly popular methods in the psychological sciences. Text messages and mobile applications can be used to deliver interventions, track exposure to stimuli, and measure symptom severity, affect, behaviors, and cognitions under naturalistic conditions. However, these methods can involve steep price tags, extensive enrollment and retention efforts, and complicated data management. Researchers may need to coordinate their procedures with vendors, ensure app security and vendor approval, require participants to download apps onto their devices, and rely on fixed app functionality. In this workshop, you will learn an affordable and scalable method of using Qualtrics and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to distribute surveys to participants via text message. You will learn how to use this method to distribute multiple scheduled messages a day - with different instructions per text and sample - and how to track survey completion with minimal effort.

Fernanda Andrade is a 6th-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University and a National Research Service Award (NRSA) Fellow. She is also a Predoctoral Trainee in the Center for Adolescent Risk and Resilience. Andrade's research focuses on self-regulation as it relates to health-promoting and health-risk behaviors. She is also interested in how features of the physical and psychological contexts influence self-regulation and goal pursuit.

Center for the Study of Adolescent Risk and Resilience (C-StARR)


Psychology and Neuroscience


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