Faculty Profile Content Sources

Local data

Some data is managed directly on the department site as there is no external source for this data. The following fields can be edited by the department website editors:

  • Expertise: A plain text field where editors can add a brief list (< 255 characters) of research ares in which you are active.
  • Additional info: A rich-text field where narrative text may be added to supplement the overview consumed from Scholars@Duke.

System of record sources

The profiles pull most of their data from external sources such as Scholars@Duke, Duke@Work, and the Duke Directory. Note that changes made in these systems of record will not immediately appear on your profile, but should be present within 24 hours.

  • Name: This data is pulled from dFac (Professional Name); contact the departmental dFac user if this needs to be updated.
  • Title: This data is pulled from dFac (Appointment Title); contact the departmental dFac user if this needs to be updated. Changes may need approval by the Dean's office.
  • Location (Office address, Mailing address) and Phone: Each of these can be edited via Duke@Work. Go to Duke@Work, select the "MyInfo" tab and choose "MyProfile" then  "Maintain your Addresses & Phone Numbers" and the "External Mailing Address and Phone" option.
  • Office Hours: The office hours are pulled from the Office Hours noted in your Scholars@Duke profile.
  • Email: The email shown is your 'Preferred email address' in the Duke Directory. To change this, go to the Account Self-Service tool and expand the 'Manage Directory Listings' section. Click 'Change your preferred email address' and select your preferred address or enter a new address.
  • Links: The list of links is being pulled from the Web Pages section of your Scholars@Duke profile.
  • Overview: This statement is pulled from the 'Overview' in your Scholars@Duke profile.
  • Education & Training: This data is pulled from dFac; contact the departmental dFac user if this needs to be updated.
  • Awards: These are pulled from your Scholars@Duke profile; any changes or additions should be made there.
  • Publications: Publications are pulled from Scholars@Duke, which is populated by publications found in Duke Elements. Sign into Duke Elements, view your Pending Publications, and approve those that you want displayed on your profile.
  • Professional Activities: Activities such as presentations, service to the profession, and service to the University are pulled from Scholars@Duke
  • Grants: Data for grants is provided by the Grants and Contracts database maintained by the Office of Research Support.