After 7 years at the helm, Scott Huettel's term as department chair comes to a close

Faculty meeting, Zoom image

June 2021 marks the final month of Professor Scott Huettel’s term as Chair of the department of Psychology and Neuroscience. A toast in his honor was led by incoming Chair and current Associate Chair, Professor Elizabeth Marsh at the close of the final faculty meeting of the academic year, held via Zoom.  In an orchestrated effort by Marsh, which included the delivery of a celebratory bottle of wine to Huettel's home unbeknownst to him, faculty and staff raised a glass as Marsh noted the many accomplishments of Huettel's years of leadership, including: the hiring 11 new faculty members; the renovation of the administrative suite and department gathering space; leading the transition of DIBs faculty and staff and the neuroscience major into P&N; writing the Lafitte grant which has provided tremendous support for department research; and guiding the department through the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an official statement, Marsh shared these words:

P&N is very grateful to Scott for his leadership over the past seven years.  His impacts on P&N's faculty size and physical space are clear, as is the impact of the philanthropic gift he obtained.  His actions also improved something equally important but less tangible: our culture. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to have in-person events, but we did not want Scott's last faculty meeting as Chair to go unnoticed! We look forward to thanking him in person sometime in the future.