Board on Behavioral, Cognitive and Sensory Services (BBCSS) welcomes Terrie Moffitt as new chair

Terrie Moffitt headshot

Professor Terrie Moffitt has been named the next chair of the Board on Behavioral, Cognitive and Sensory Services (BBCSS). 

When Moffitt agreed to take on the role of BBCSS chair, a three-year term commitment, she thought it was a  great opportunity to learn something new. "What an underestimate," she now reflects, having served in the role since early January 2021. "I’m learning alright! [BBCSS] Board members work together on neuroscience, vision, auditory cognition, decision-making, infant development, linguistics, education, cultural psychology, memory, emotion, prejudice, and self-regulation. The chair’s role also brings the pleasure of working with at least 10 National Academies staff experts, and with sponsors including the National Science Foundation, National Institute on Aging, and NASA."

In addition to her role as BBCSS chair, Moffitt is also the Nannerl O. Keohane University Professor of Psychology at Duke University, Professor of Social Development at King’s College London, and Associate Director of the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study at University of Otago (New Zealand).

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