Congratulations to P&N's 2019-2020 Graduate Research Grant Award Recipients

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Lafitte Grads 19/20

Due to generous support from the Charles Lafitte Foundation Program for Research in Psychology & Neuroscience, 10 P&N graduate students have been awarded research grants to advance projects during the 2019-2020 academic year. Congratulations to each of these outstanding students!

Emmaline Drew Eliseev
“Searching for Answers: Implications for Metacognition”

Rosa Li
“Using social utility models to measure changes in other-regarding preferences across childhood”

Hannah Moshontz
“How Winners Quit: Characterizing Individual Differences in Goal Disengagement”

Adam Stanaland
“Will Boys Be Boys? Exploring the Role of Teachers and Peers in Facilitating Boys’ Resistance to
Masculine Norms”

Matt Stanley
“Structure-Seeking as a Psychological Determinant of Moral Principle Endorsement”

Brenda Straka
“Redefining Inclusion and Exclusion for Minority Groups”

Morgan Taylor
“Reasoning about Others’ Knowledge in Younger and Older Adulthood”

Jared Vasil and Wouter Wolf
“The evolutionary origin of intention reading: testing Bottlenose Dolphins’ (Tursiops truncatus) understanding of intentional versus accidental action”

Brenda Yang
“Novel features of narrative fiction”