PhD student Max Elliot receives Transition to Aging Research Award for Predoctoral Students (F99/K00)

Max Elliott

Max Elliott, clinical psychology PhD student working with Ahmad Hariri and the Moffitt & Caspi lab, has received a prestigious F99/K00 Transition to Aging grant from the National Institutes of Health. The award was created with the objective to increase, retain, and diversify the pool of trainees in aging and geriatric research. 

Max is interested in further understanding the structure of mental illness through investigating the interacting relationships between genes, environment and the brain. He is particularly interested in finding ways to combine knowledge about genetics and lifespan development with brain imaging to better assess and understand risk factors for mental illness. Through the use of imaging endophenotypes he hopes to further map out relationships between individual differences in health and disease.

The two-phase Transition to Aging award allows Elliott to complete a doctoral dissertation project and provides a variety of training support to facilitate smooth transition into competitive, aging-focused postdoctoral positions.