P&N and CNAP First Year Festival 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017
P&N and CNAP First Year Festival 2017

Congratulations to our students for a successful P&N/CNAP first year festival, which was held
Friday in Perkins 217.

The following students presented a diverse array of research topics. If you missed it, click on the presentation titles below to see videos of each presentation.

Christina Hopkins, "On Words & Their Impact: investigating weight stigma, word choice, and obesity treatment initiation"

Madeline Farber, "Effects of Parenting on Neurodevelopment"

Jack Brooks, "Man Versus Machine: Comparing Human and Computer-Delivered Digital Health."

Alexander Stine, "Nudging Dietary Choice"

Kelsey McDonald, "Modeling Dynamic, Competitive Behavior in a Penalty-Kick Task"

Matt Stanley, ''Counterfactual Plausibility and Comparative Similarity"

Emmaline Drew, "Judging Truth: Heuristics vs. Knowledge''

Charlotte Moore, "What do 14-month-olds Hear When They Perceive Speech?"

Wouter Wolf, "Joint Attention and Social Bonding"

Jee Young Kim, "Sensitivity to Changing Environmental Cues on Social Motivation and Behavior'"

Lindsay Ives, "Internet Delivered CBT for Pediatric Anxiety Disorders: Acceptability and Feasibility"

Angela Pisoni, "Rewards: More than Just Doughnuts"

Maxwell Elliott, "Indexing Attentional Arousal in the Brain"

Shayna Cheek, "Rejection and Suicidality"

Namsoo Kim, "Movement Velocity"

Matthew Bachman, "Visual Search Alpha"

Christina Bejjani, "Control by Association: the Transfer of Implicitly Primed Control States"

Peter Whitehead, "Control of Prospective Task Sets: How future goals impact current behavior "