P&N and CNAP First Year Festival 2018

P&N and CNAP First Year Festival 2018

Congratulations to our students for a successful P&N/CNAP first year festival, which was held Friday, April 13 in soc-psych 130 (Zener)

The following students presented a diverse array of research topics:

Ryan Hughes (SINS) Dynamics of Ventral TegmentalArea (VTA) neuronalsubpopulations in pursuit of reward

Brenda Straka (Social) Expectations of Exclusion:How do our lived experiences color our perceptions

Adam Stanaland (Social) Interpersonal consequences of the pressure to conform to social norms

Sam Marsan (Clinical)  Pathological Fear Conditioning in Anorexia Nervosa (AN)

Savannah Erwin (Clinical)  Experiences of Mimicry in Anorexia Nervosa

Sam Brotkin (Clinical) Healthcare transition for adolescents and young adults living with chronic illness

Shannon Dailey (Developmental) Semantic relatedness effects in early word learning

Leon Li (Developmental) Children's knowledge that norms generalize to others but preferences do not

Stephanie Schuette (Clinical) Interoceptive Awareness: Connecting the Heart and the Mind

Abigail Hsiung (CNAP)  Investigating the interaction between information sampling and memory

Josh Stivers (CNAP) Visual Dominance in Fear Learning

Eric Juarez (Cognitive) Aging, dopamine, and cognition

Charles Shoemaker (SINS)  Evaluating a Huntington’s knock-in model with a postural reach task

Xiao Li (SINS)  The role of striatal cholinergic interneurons in movement

Jaime Castrellon (Cognitive)  Dopaminergic influences over reward discounting and subjective value

Tracy d'Arbleoff (Cognitive) Neural Biomarkers of Disorder

Lifu Deng (CNAP) Briain network underlying memory operations

Eva Gjorgieva (CNAP) Elucidating the Effects ofI nternal & External Attention on Memory

Leonard Faul (CNAP) The influence of egocentric distance on Fear Acquisition and Exctinction

Jess Coleman (Clinical)  Recent sexual abuse, PTSD, and frequency of unprotected sex among women living with HIV in South Africa