P&N Person of the Week: Sarah Gaither

P&N Person of the Week: Sarah Gaither

Throughout her lifetime, Dr. Sarah Gaither has lived in numerous areas of the United States, from California to Massachusetts to Illinois to North Carolina. No matter where she is, Dr. Gaither carries a sense of adventure; she says she is always open to trying new things. Except for skydiving. Never skydiving. And never anything with clowns. She says that they are not to be trusted, with their fake smiles painted on their faces, convincing everyone they're happy when they aren't. 

How many years of service do you have at Duke?

I have been here for a year and a half. Most people think I've been here longer because I have a large lab team (21 undergraduates and 2 graduate students.)

What do you do in P&N?

I am an assistant professor, so I teach two classes a year, primarily undergraduate. Right now I am teaching Intro to Social Psychology; I also teach a class on diversity issues in psychology research. In addition to teaching, I run a full lab. We run studies every day of the year broadly focusing on diversity interactions and how we fell about people who are different than ourselves. I am what people call a "me-searcher" because my research focuses on a subject that is central to my own identity. As someone who is biracial, I have always been hyper-aware of how easy it is to socially categorize everyone we meet on a daily basis. 

What do you love about P&N?

This department is not as area-centric as many other psychology departments in the country. I was hired as a social psychologist, but I also do work with young children. So, I collaborate with people in the developmental area, the cognitive area. The faculty and students here are approachable, easy to get along with, and open to collaboration. I don't think any good science is done when you're not collaborating with people outside of your main discipline. 

What's your favorite memory with P&N?

I try to take an awkward lab photo at our weekly lab meeting. We try to find some random person in the hallway to take a photo of us, which is fun but also awkward. 

Do you have any hobbies or extracurriculars?

I love food. I love trying new foods and cooking! My goal is to go to every restaurant possible in the Triangle-area. In this department, I'm known as the person to go to when you need a suggestion of where to eat this weekend. My favorite restaurant is Mateo; I love their deviled eggs. I also love Saltbox Seafood; it's a Durham staple that everyone should try.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can touch my tongue to my nose! Also, all of my fingers are double-jointed. They used to get stuck when I played basketball in high school. It was definitely my trademark feature. 

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