Professor Michael Tomasello interviewed on podcast, Cognitive Revolution

Friday, March 13, 2020
mike t

Cody Kommers, a PhD student at Oxford University, interviewed P&N Professor Michael Tomasello on the podcast Cognitive Revolution, aired March 10, 2020.  The episode, #18: Michael Tomasello on Writing for Young People, reveals a side of Tomasello that many might not know, from how he became and academic ("I just switched from one side of the desk to the other") to the influences of Jerome Bruner, Lev Vygotsky, and Jean Piaget, to the intellectual freedom that comes with being outside the establishment. Kommers and Tomasello discuss where anthropology went after the Cognitive Revolution and how Tomasello wrote his first book because he didn't have anything else going on that summer. The episode is a delightful and interesting conversation between a budding experimental psychologist and one of the most influential cognitive scientists of the twenty-first century. 

For a list of books that have influenced Tomasello, check out his recommended reading list for young psychologists and cognitive scientists.