SNP Student Spotlight: Yike Zhu

Yike presents her research.

Today's student spotlight feature includes a participant in the Summer Neuroscience Program (SNP). SNP is an eight-week program that allows neuroscience majors to get started on their research endeavors.




Hefei, Anhui, China

Research Area for SNP

Stroke repair with biomaterials

Highlight of SNP this Summer

Independently planned out experiments and generated preliminary data of my project; self-learned chemical and physical application outside of neuroscience knowledge.

Why SNP?

I really enjoy the support the neuroscience department gave us, and it provides me precious funding as an international student.

Why Neuroscience?

A coincidence with a brain injury club in my previous institution.

Campus and/or Community Involvement

Launching Synapse National

"I really enjoyed the research experience that I obtained during my time at SNP. It is a great segue to my post-bac journey to graduate school."