Clinical Operator Position @ Butler Hospital’s Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Job Summary:

This person would learn and carry out all aspects for this innovative and revolutionary clinical neuromodulation treatment, including: providing referring patients and clinicians with education and other types of information about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy during the screening process, administration and and interpretation of self-report assessment measures of depressive symptom severity, daily (weekdays) engagement with TMS patients for a course of treatment over 6 weeks; weekly assessments of clinical progress and side effects; delivery of noninvasive TMS brain stimulation treatments through operation of various TMS device systems at Butler Hospital.

The TMS Clinician is a trained TMS technician with basic clinical skills who embraces ongoing training in cuttingedge therapeutic modalities.

This person administers daily TMS Therapy treatments to outpatients and conducts brief clinical assessments of their general mental status and side effects before and after each TMS treatment session.

This person documents each TMS procedure in the medical record and interacts closely with the TMS Clinic's Attending Physicians to address specific clinical concerns identified with individual patients.

Other Responsibilities:

Scheduling TMS visits and promoting delivery of TMS care within the limits of each patients’ insurance authorization for TMS services;

Assisting with other daily administrative duties essential for the Butler TMS Clinic's operations.

Providing liaison and education for patients, family members, TMS physicians, community care providers, and others involved in the collaborative care of Butler TMS patients;


• Undergraduate (bachelor or associate) Degree in behavioral sciences or a similar/relevant field preferred. Must be eager to learn about the brain and mental health.

• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

• Experience working with persons with mental disorders is strongly preferred

Inquiries should be emailed to Eric Tirrell or you can complete the Care New England application for this on the Careers page.

  • Paid job
  • Professional development
  • Research
  • Post-graduation