Clinical Research Coordinator Position @ MGH/HMS (Boston)


Full-time Clinical Research Coordinator will assist with work on a portfolio of research projects in the Cognitive Neuroscience Division of the Center for the Neuroscience of Psychedelics. The CRC will assist with the collection of psychophysiological (heart rate, galvanic skin response), neuroimaging (fMRI and PET), and behavioral task data. They will assist in study planning, submission, coordination, and implementation of research projects. They are expected to collaborate closely with the Senior Clinical Research Coordinator (SCRC), PI, and other members of the clinical research team. Under the general supervision of the Principal Investigator, Dr. Sharmin Ghaznavi, and SCRC, the CRC will assist with all clinical projects in the PI’s portfolio, coordinating the screening and recruitment of study patients, creating data collection tools, and collecting and maintaining study data. The CRC will work closely with individuals with psychiatric disorders by administering and scoring standardized questionnaires and clinical interviews. The CRC will also work closely with investigators, study staff and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to implement and oversee studies, submit appropriate regulatory forms, and maintain study databases. The CRC will assist with grant proposal submissions, renewals, and progress reports. The CRC will also be involved in writing scientific poster abstracts and manuscripts for publication and will be accordingly credited as an author.


• Collects & organizes patient data

• Maintains records and databases

• Uses software programs to generate graphs and reports

• Assists with recruiting patients for clinical trials

• Obtains patient study data from medical records, physicians, etc.

• Conducts library searches • Verifies accuracy of study forms

• Updates study forms per protocol • Documents patient visits and procedures

• Assists with regulatory binders and QA/QC procedures

• Assists with interviewing study subjects

• Administers and scores questionnaires

• Provides basic explanation of study and in some cases obtains informed consent from subjects

• Performs study procedures, which may include phlebotomy.

• Assists with study regulatory submissions

• Writes consent forms

• Verifies subject inclusion/exclusion criteria

• Performs administrative support duties as required


• Careful attention to details

• Good organizational skills

• Ability to follow directions

• Good communication skills

• Computer literacy

• Working knowledge of clinical research protocols

• Ability to demonstrate respect and professionalism for subjects’ rights and individual needs


Bachelor’s degree required.


New graduates with some relevant course/project work or those without any prior research experience will be considered for the Clinical Research Coordinator I position outlined above.

Those with a minimum of 1-2 years of directly related work experience will be considered for a Clinical Research Coordinator II position.

This position is best suited for an applicant with a background in cognitive neuroscience or psychology who has prior experience working on human subjects research and plans to apply for clinical psychology/neuroscience Ph.D. programs or medical school. Strong interpersonal skills are a must, and experience with psychiatric clinical populations is highly preferred but not required. The CRC will be working closely with psychiatric patients and should therefore be comfortable and considerate while working with clinical populations. Candidates should have experience submitting documentation to an Institutional Review Board (IRB) and knowledge of electronic data capture systems (i.e.. REDCap). Prior work on clinical trials and familiarity with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines is preferred. Candidates must also possess good writing and editing skills, and basic programming skills in a scientific language such as MATLAB, Python, or R. Familiarity with UNIX/LINUX and C shell scripting is recommended but not required. Candidates must have prior neuroimaging experience, including familiarity with fMRI data analysis. Proficiency in FreeSurfer, SPM, or similar programs is a plus. The position requires high-level technical and analytical skills, the ability to effectively manage multiple tasks at once, attention to detail, and strong communication skills.

To apply, please have applicants send a copy of their CV and a cover letter describing their research experience to Sarah Zapetis


  • Paid job
  • Professional development
  • Research
  • Post-graduation