Developmental Master's & Early Intervention Program @ Case Western Reserve University

This is an exciting Developmental Master’s Program with a specialization in Early Intervention at Case Western Reserve University. With support from the Department of Education and the university, we have launched an applied developmental program designed to address the burgeoning need for related service professionals. Students interested in working with very young children would be ideal for this program. Here is the link to the program’s website for interested students.  

Students who complete this program are eligible for an Early Intervention Developmental Specialist Certificate Program through the University and through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. Should students prefer to practice outside the Ohio area; the certificate is transcriptable and should allow students to practice outside of Ohio.

 I am attaching a flyer about the program. Please feel free to disseminate this to students or other programs that you think may be interested! The deadline for applications is January 15th.

  • Professional development
  • Post-graduation