Full-time Lab Manager Position @ UC Riverside

The UCR Perception, Action, and Development laboratory (padlab.ucr.edu) is looking to hire a 30-hour/week research coordinator to help run an NSF-funded study of infants’ everyday visual, auditory, and motor experiences. The position would last 1 year with the possibility of renewal and will receive full benefits (30+ hours is considered full time). Part of the research coordinator’s responsibilities includes making visits to participants’ homes to drop off recording equipment in the Riverside County area, so fully remote work is not possible for this position.

The research coordinator will have opportunities to master a variety of recording techniques—wearable inertial sensors, head-mounted eye trackers, and LENA audio recorders—and gain experience with in-demand machine learning analyses. To see the full list of responsibilities/requirements and to apply to the position, please visit the UCR Jobs portal: https://irecruitportal.ucr.edu/irecruit/!Controller?action=jobs_webui.show_page&page=jobs_detail&requisition_id=26226796&profile_id=&module=jobs. Expected starting pay is $23.23/hour (approximately $36k annually plus benefits). Please direct any questions about the position to John Franchak (franchak@ucr.edu).

Please note that the job posting appears closed, but applicants can send an “expression of interest” and it will be reviewed. We expect to review applications in late July to hire a candidate to start in late August or early September (start date is flexible).



  • Paid job
  • Professional development
  • Research
  • Post-graduation