Ph.D. Program in Cognitive Sciences @ UC Irvine

The cognitive sciences department at UCI uses a combination of innovative approaches with modern tools to study fundamental human abilities including attention, memory, language, decision making, and problem solving.

Graduate research specialties include:

  • Computational and mathematical cognitive modeling
  • Cognitive neuroscience (a concentration is offered in this topic)
  • Visual and auditory perception
  • Attention and representation
  • Learning and development
  • Memory and language
  • Judgment and decision making

Students work together with faculty advisors who are highly experienced in the use of leading technologies such as EEG, fMRI, and robotics, and of modern research tools such as computational methods, big data, and Bayesian statistics.

And, students have an opportunity to earn a master's degree in cognitive sciences, cognitive neuroscience, or statistics (depending on the program) while in pursuit of their Ph.D.

Graduate students from UCI's cognitive sciences program have gone on to work in high-tech and research consultancy companies; government, science, and technology labs; and in professorial posts around the world.

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