Research Technician Position @ Columbia University

We have an opening for a research technician to assist with neurobiological and behavioral studies of the effects of adolescent alcohol exposure and paternal cannabinoid exposure in rats.  Our group is highly collaborative and offers excellent opportunities to learn neural and behavioral techniques in the context of a highly translational and mechanistic set if research questions.  Our laboratory is located in downtown Durham.  The duties associated with the position include:

      •         Treatment, training, and testing of rodents in behavioral experiments

  •       Providing animal husbandry care (feeding, cage changing, animal welfare monitoring) for experimental animals

      •         Preparation of solutions, tissue, samples, and reagents for neurobiological experiments

      •         Data collection and analysis for immunohistochemical, Western blot, histological, and other neuroscience techniques

      •         Maintenance of laboratory records and completion of forms for regulatory and oversight committees

      •         General laboratory maintenance and organization

  • Internship
  • Professional development
  • Post-graduation