Christin Ogle

Christin Ogle

Research Scientist

Ogle, CM, Siegler, IC, Beckham, JC, and Rubin, DC. "Neuroticism Increases PTSD Symptom Severity by Amplifying the Emotionality, Rehearsal, and Centrality of Trauma Memories." Journal of Personality 85.5 (October 2017): 702-715. Full Text

Ogle, CM, Block, SD, Harris, LS, Goodman, GS, Pineda, A, Timmer, S, Urquiza, A, and Saywitz, KJ. "Autobiographical memory specificity in child sexual abuse victims." Development and psychopathology 25.2 (May 2013): 321-332. Full Text

Selected Grants

A Model of Autobiographical Memory & Its Changes in PTSD awarded by National Institutes of Health (Postdoctoral Associate). 2002 to 2016