Kevin Phillip Weinfurt

Kevin Phillip Weinfurt

Professor in Population Health Sciences

Education & Training

  • Ph.D., Georgetown University 1997


Kevin P. Weinfurt, PhD, is Professor and Vice Chair of Research in the Department of Population Health Sciences at Duke University Medical Center and a faculty member of the Duke Clinical Research Institute. He holds secondary appointment as a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Professor of  Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, and a Faculty Associate of the Trent Center for the Study of Medical Humanities and Bioethics. Dr. Weinfurt also co-directs the Center for Health Measurement at Duke and is co-director of the Clinical Research Training Program (Masters degree offered through the School of Medicine).

Dr. Weinfurt conducts research on measuring patient-reported outcomes, medical decision making, and bioethics. In addition to conducting research, Dr. Weinfurt has taught undergraduate courses in introductory psychology, judgment and decision making, and the psychology of medical decision making; and graduate courses in multivariate statistics, patient-reported outcomes, and research ethics.

Areas of Expertise: Bioethics, Health Measurement, Health Services Research, and Health Behavior

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Selected Grants

ACTION EQOL STUDY awarded by National Institutes of Health (Co Investigator). 2002 to 2008

CSP 442 - #1416 awarded by (Fiscal Specialist). 2000 to 2005