Maxwell Elliott

Maxwell Elliott



Max is a clinical psychology PhD student working with Ahmad Hariri and the Moffitt & Caspi lab after completing his BS at the University of Minnesota and spending two years as a research fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health. Max is interested in further understanding the structure of mental illness through investigating the interacting relationships between genes, environment and the brain. He is particularly interested in finding ways to combine knowledge about genetics and lifespan development with brain imaging to better assess and understand risk factors for mental illness. Through the use of imaging endophenotypes he hopes to further map out relationships between individual differences in health and disease.

Elliott, ML, Knodt, AR, Cooke, M, Kim, MJ, Melzer, TR, Keenan, R, Ireland, D, Ramrakha, S, Poulton, R, Caspi, A, Moffitt, TE, and Hariri, AR. "General functional connectivity: Shared features of resting-state and task fMRI drive reliable and heritable individual differences in functional brain networks." Neuroimage 189 (April 2019): 516-532. Full Text

Elliott, ML, Romer, A, Knodt, AR, and Hariri, AR. "A Connectome-wide Functional Signature of Transdiagnostic Risk for Mental Illness." Biological Psychiatry 84.6 (September 2018): 452-459. Full Text Open Access Copy