Samuel Marsan

Samuel Marsan


Campbell, K, Carpenter, KL, Hashemi, J, Espinosa, S, Marsan, S, Borg, JS, Chang, Z, Qiu, Q, Vermeer, S, Adler, E, Tepper, M, Egger, HL, Baker, JP, Sapiro, G, and Dawson, G. "Computer vision analysis captures atypical attention in toddlers with autism." Autism : the international journal of research and practice (March 2018): 1362361318766247-. Full Text

Zucker, N, Mauro, C, Craske, M, Wagner, HR, Datta, N, Hopkins, H, Caldwell, K, Kiridly, A, Marsan, S, Maslow, G, Mayer, E, and Egger, H. "Acceptance-based interoceptive exposure for young children with functional abdominal pain." Behaviour Research and Therapy 97 (October 2017): 200-212. Full Text

Hashemi, J, Campbell, K, Carpenter, KLH, Harris, A, Qiu, Q, Tepper, M, Espinosa, S, Borg, JS, Marsan, S, Calderbank, R, Baker, JP, Egger, HL, Dawson, G, and Sapiro, G. "A scalable app for measuring autism risk behaviors in young children: A technical validity and feasibility study." MOBIHEALTH 2015 - 5th EAI International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare - Transforming Healthcare through Innovations in Mobile and Wireless Technologies (December 22, 2015). Full Text

Selected Grants

Duke: 3/5-The Autism Biomarkers Consortium DAAC awarded by Yale University (Clinical Research Assistant). 2015 to 2018