Research Assistant Computer Science at Duke

Research Assistant Opportunity

Principal Investigators Drew Hilton and Genevieve Lipp, Computer Science

Project Manager: Kim Manturuk, Duke Learning Innovation

Job description:

  • Perform analyses of de-identified student course data using SAS or Stata including data file formatting, data cleaning and coding, and descriptive and inferential analysis
  • Document the procedures and methods used, taking precautionary steps to protect the integrity of the data, including documenting created variables
  • Assist with documenting results and key findings to present to Duke faculty
  • Undertake selected administrative tasks associated with the study wider goals of the project
  • Compensation is $14.60/hour and hours are flexible, estimated to be around 10 hours a week through the spring semester

Position begin: January 2018

Position end: May 2018

To apply, please send an email indicating your interest and briefly describing your qualifications to Dr. Kim Manturuk at

Academic year