The Duke Early Experience and the Developing Brain (DEED) Lab, an NIH funded lab in Duke's Psychology & Neuroscience department, is seeking a research technician with significant interest in child psychopathology, child development, and child testing.

Desired skills/experience include:
* A high degree of comfort in working with young children and their families.
* Interactive communication skills and ability to constructively work with others including  
   researchers, staff, students, and participating families
* Previous experience in conducting research with preschoolers is highly desirable. However, previous  
  experience leading structured activities for preschoolers (e.g., nanny, daycare provider, etc.) will also  
  be viewed favorably.
* Coursework and/or research experience in relevant field(s) (e.g., clinical psychology, developmental   
   psychology, cognitive neuroscience, socioemotional development, etc.)
* Experience with collecting EEG data is a plus
* Experience with relevant EEG software is a plus (e.g., Net Station, Brain Vision Analyzer 2 etc.)
* Familiarity with REDCap is a plus 

Paid job