Cooper Lab

My research interests follow two paths. The first concerns research synthesis.  I study how research syntheses can best be carried out and how their results can be communicated to general audiences as well as scholars. My students and I have published research syntheses in varied fields, including personality and social psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, education policy, marketing, and developmental medicine and child neurology. Second, I am interested in the application of social and developmental psychology to educational policy issues.  Our recent research includes syntheses include ones on the effectiveness of homework, the role of parents in the homework process. My students and I just research syntheses on the impact of the length of the school year and full-day kindergarten on academic performance. Finally, after serving as editor of the Psychological Bulletin from 2003 through mid-2009, I have begun work as the Editor-in-Chief for the American Psychological Association's Handbook of Research Methods in Psychology.  I also serve as the Chief Editorial Advisor for the APA journals program.