Three Gap Year Positions at the Institute for Medical Research/Durham VAMC

Looking to take a year or two off before medical or graduate school? Interested in gaining research experience and exposure to the field of medicine through seminar and shadowing opportunities? Apply for a position in Dr. Stephen Freedland’s urology research lab at the Institute for Medical Research and Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Our research is focused on risk stratification, health disparities, and lifestyle factors among veterans and those factors’ relationship to prostate cancer and interstitial cystitis outcomes.  Candidates that perform exceptionally in their first year and wish to stay for a second year will be promoted, allowing them to spend 20% effort on additional growth opportunities such as writing manuscripts. Please visit the career center,, or see job descriptions below for more information and application instructions. No phone calls.
Positions Available:
Data Technician - The data technician is involved with the acquisition and maintenance of large amounts of clinical data from medical records. The work engages multiple skills and a wide-range of project knowledge.
Clinical Trials Assistant - The clinical trials assistant is involved with the in-person recruitment and enrollment of research study patients, specimen collection, and data collection from medical records, interviews, and questionnaires.

Clinical Research Associate - The Clinical Research Associate is involved with the implementation and execution of several clinical research projects.

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