Undergraduate research assistants, Empathy Development Lab

The Empathy Development Lab (PI: Dr. Rita Svetlova) is looking for undergraduate research assistants.  Our research focuses on children's developing abilities to understand others' emotions and beliefs.  In the Spring 2018, we will offer Practicum and Independent Study positions (students will earn course credit), as well as Volunteer positions.  Responsibilities include scheduling and testing children, working with data, and possibly participating in designing and running a new project.  

We are looking for students who are reliable, motivated, and comfortable interacting with parents and children. For the Independent Study position, prior research experience is required.  Sophomores and juniors preferred. 

If you are interested, please email our lab manager, Paige Scarbrough, at paige.scarbrough@duke.edu . Include information about your relevant experience and coursework, and your anticipated schedule for the Spring semester. 


Academic year