Psychology Minor

Requirements for the Minor in Psychology for students who enrolled at Duke prior to fall 2018

Requirements for the Minor Worksheet 

Five psychology courses are required to complete the minor in Psychology. These courses must include:

1. Introductory Psychology. Completion of PSY 101, AP or IPC credit (see Trinity guidelines for AP and IPC credit), or equivalent transfer course. Please note that students who receive AP or IPC credit for Psychology 101 will need to complete a total of five psychology courses beyond Psychology 101. Thus, AP or IPC credit allows students to place out of Psychology 101, but does not reduce the total number of courses they must take. Students who do not have credit for PSY 101 should take this class as their first psychology class at Duke. 

2. Distribution Requirement. At least two area survey courses. Students must complete:

(a) At least one of the following:

Biological (PSY 106 or 107), or Cognitive (PSY 102)


(b) At least one of the following:

Abnormal (PSY 105), Developmental (PSY 103), or Social (PSY 104).

No more than three of these survey courses will count towards the minor.

3. Upper Level Elective Course. Students must complete at least one elective course at the 200-level or higher. If more than one statistics course is completed, only one will count towards the minor.