Psychology Minor


The Office of Undergraduate Studies in Psychology implemented changes to the curriculum that apply to students matriculated at Duke during summer 2018 and later. Students who matriculated on or after summer 2018 must complete PSY 101 at Duke. AP, IB or IPC credit in Psychology counts as PSY 11, which can be used towards Trinity's 34 credit requirement, but does not count for the minor in psychology.

Five courses are required to complete the minor degree in Psychology. These courses must include:

1. PSY 101 Introductory Psychology. Students matriculated prior to summer 2018 with AP, IB, or IPC credit in Psychology may elect to not enroll in PSY 101 at Duke, but they still must complete a total of five courses numbered 100 or above (PSY 89S and FOCUS courses do not count toward the minor). In this case, students will need to complete three electives

2. Two Survey CoursesUp to three of the following survey courses may be used towards the minor degree in psychology. ​​​​Any additional survey course, beyond the two required, will be counted as elective. At minimum, students must complete:

  • At least one of: PSY 102 Cognitive Psychology or PSY 106/107 Biological Bases of Behavior AND
  • At least one of: PSY 103 Developmental Psychology or PSY 104 Social Psychology or PSY 105 Abnormal Psychology

3. Two Electives. At least one PSY course numbered 200 or higher. Additional electives may also include:

  • One (only one!) course in Statistics or Math selected from the following: STA 101, 102, 111, 199L, 250, and MATH 342
  • Up to two transfer credits
  • Independent Study (PSY 391-394 and PSY 491-494)
  • REMEMBER: PSY 89S and FOCUS courses do not count towards the minor degree in psychology
  • NOTE: The undergraduate program in psychology has no restrictions on the number of courses that may be double counted with other degrees or certificates