For Current Students

Students Pursuing a Degree in Psychology are supported by the Office of Undergraduate Studies in Psychology. Our career specialist, Natalia Silva Harwood, can be reached at  or schedule an appointment here. Current and prospective psychology degree-seeking students are encouraged to reach out to our office for any questions related to the program.

Resources for Majors and Minors


Like many undergraduate programs at Duke, our psychology programs offer transactional advising and faculty mentoring.

Undergraduate Research

We offer opportunities for you to engage in research through research projects, practicum, independent study, summer fellowship, and Graduation with Distinction.

Graduation with Distinction

The Graduation with Distinction Program (GwD) is intended for students who demonstrate academic excellence through the successful completion of a significant research project during their undergraduate career.

Global Education

They are various study abroad opportunities for students in our programs.

Independent Study

Our Independent Study courses let you work individually with faculty members on projects that can be either research-oriented or project-oriented.

Research Participation Requirements for Psychology Courses
Graduate School Advice
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