Visible Thinking Symposium April 22, 2019 10-2pm

On April 22, 2019 from 10-2pm in Penn Pavilion, the Duke University Visible Thinking Symposium will be taking place. This event celebrates the achievements of undergraduate researchers and explores their original scholarship in the humanities,  natural sciences, engineering, and the social sciences. The Visible Thinking Symposium is open to all Duke undergraduates. All students who receive support from the URS office are expected to present at Visible Thinking for a minimum of one hour. If you are interested in presenting your research at the Visible Thinking Symposium please go to for more information. Deadline to register is April 9th.

Any questions? Please contact Jen Fry

Twitter prompt: Interested in presenting your research? If so go to to learn more information about the Duke Visible Thinking Symposium. Follow URS @DukeUURS on twitter for more information

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