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year name title
2017 Alonso-Marsden, Shelley Teacher Decision-Making about Student Mental Health: The Role of Race and Gender
2017 Black-Maier, Allison Understanding How Knowledge Fluctuates in Accessibility
2017 Capestany, Beatrice The Use of Neuroscience for Mitigation During Sentencing in Non-Capital Cases
2017 Clement, Nathaniel Modulation of Active Exploratory Behaviors in Humans
2017 Detloff, Allison Individual Differences in the Neural Response to Personal Goal Pursuit Success and Failure: A Developmental Analysis
2017 Duffy, Korrina Building Affiliation With Behavioral Mimicry: Personality Factors, Physiological Consequences, and Neural Mechanisms
2017 George, Madeleine Does Virtual Communication with Parents Help Students Recover from Daily Stressors?: Daily and Experimental Tests with First Year College Students
2017 Iyengar, Vijeth Contributions Of the Human Medial Prefrontal Cortex To Associative Recognition Memory: Evidence From Functional Neuroimaging
2017 Johnson, Kristin A Longitudinal Investigation of Infant Gesture Use and Parent Speech: Unique and Dynamic Influences on Infant Vocabulary Acquisition
2017 Jongman-Sereno, Katrina Determinants and Implications of Self-perceived Authenticity: Beliefs About Authenticity and Reactions to Behavioral Incongruence
2017 Lacagninia, Michael Neuroimmune and developmental mechanisms regulating motivational behaviors for opioids
2017 Lane, Ilana Social-Cognitive Determinants of Success in Online Communities for Weight Management
2017 Lattanner, Micah Stigma, Avoidant-Orientation, and Self-Discloure in Friendships
2017 Li, Rosa Decision-making across development: The impact of ambiguity and social context
2017 Lucca, Kelsey Developmental and Evolutionary Origins of Language: Insights from the Study of Pointing and Gaze in Infants, Bonobos, and Chimpanzees
2017 Martin, Julie The relative importance of perceived acceptance versus perceived status for emotional outcomes and self-esteem
2017 Park, Su Hean The impact of individual’s self-control beliefs on overcoming temptations
2017 Skaliski, Linda The Impact of Marijuana Use on Memory in Patients with HIV/AIDS
2017 Utevsky, Amanda Social Perception and Decision-Making in the Primate Brain
2017 Victor, Elizabeth Neural Mechanisms of Young Adult Sexual Decision Making and Risk Behavior
2017 Winkle, Jonathan The cognitive mechanisms of value-based choice
2014 Allen, Taryn Quality of Life and Neurocognitive Functioning in Children with Sickle Cell Disease: Investigating the Feasibility of a Computerized Cognitive Training Program
2014 Barnard, Laura Exploring Shame and Guilt When it Matters Most: How our Reactions to Personally Relevant Transgressions Relate to Well-being or Distress
2014 Blomquist, Katrina Poetzl Jealousy in Close Relationships Among Emerging Adults
2914 Clark, Kait Variation in Visual Search Abilities and Performance
2014 Coutlee, Chris The Hierarchical Organization of Impulse Control: Implications for Decision Making
2014 Hersh, Jacqueline Can Computers Assist Treatment? Virtual Reality as a Possible Cue Exposure Technique with Adolescent Substance Abusers
2014 Jiang, Jiefeng A Bayesian Model of Cognitive Control
2014 Gu, Bon-Mi Oscillatory Mechanisms Supporting Interval Timing in Cortical-Striatal Circuits
2014 Lake, Jessica Emotional Modulation of Time Perception
2014 Martinez, Erin Postoperative Depression, Eating Behaviors, and Physical Activity as Indicators of Weight Loss in Gastric Bypass Patients
2014 Moskovich, Ashley Maladaptive Rule-governed Behavior in Anorexia Nervosa: The need for Certainty and Control
2014 Nikolova, Yuliya Individual Differences in Neural Reward and Threat Processing: Identifying Pathways of Risk and Resilience for Psychopathology
2014 San Martin Ulloa, Rene Attentional Biases in Value-Based Decision-Making
2014 Tognoni, Tina Neuronal Survival of the Fittest: The Importance of Aerobic Capacity in Exercise-Induced Neurogenesis and Cognition
2014 Umanath, Sharda Age Differences in Suggestibility Following Semantic Illusions: The Role of Prior Knowledge
2014 Williamson, Lauren Neuroimmune Signaling in the Hippocampus: Mechanisms of Risk and Resilience
2014 Winecoff, Amy Domain-General Affect: Neural Mechanisms and Clinical Implications
2013 Davisson, Erin Strengthening Self-Control by Practicing Inhibition and Initiation
2013 Dent, Amy The Relation Between Self-Regulation and Academic Achievement: A Meta-Analysis Exploring Variation in the Way Constructs are Labeled, Defined, and Measured
2013 Golonka, Megan Keeping in Touch: Relationships between Parenting Style, Parent-Child Electronic Communication, and the Developing Autonomy and Adjustment of College Students
2013 Keng, Shian-Ling A Laboratory Investigation of Mindfulness and Reappraisal As Emotion Regulation Strategies
2013 Kutlu, Munir Gunes Attentional Effects on Conditioned Inhibition of Discrete and Contextual Stimuli
2013 McCourt, Sandra The Impact of State Early Childhood Programs and Child Protective Services Policies on Resilience Following Experiences of Child Maltreatment
2013 Reeck, Crystal Affective Modulation of Executive Control
2013 Stanton, Michael Socioeconomic Stress by Dopamine Receptor 2 Gene Interactions in the Development of Obesity
2013 Toner, Kaitlin The Effects of Matching Post-transgression Accounts to Targets' Preferences
2013 Weeks, Molly Gender, Loneliness, and Friendship Satisfaction in Early Adulthood: The Role of Friendship Features and Friendship Expectations


Year Name Title
2006 Archer, Elizabeth Social strategies among preschoolers in a mixed-age setting
1930 Chen, William Y. A Psychological Interpretation of Chinese Culture
1932 Fry, Glenn A, An Experimental Basis for a Wave-Theory of Color-Vision
1932 George, Robert W. An Experimental Investigation of the Chemical Theory of Temperament as Applied to Introversion -Extroversion
1933 McCulloch, Thomas L. The Study of the Cognitive Abilities of the White Rat with Special Reference to Spearman's Theory of Two Factors
1933 Thomas, John F, An Evaluative Study of the Mental Content of Certain Trance Phenomena
1934 Wright, Herbert F The Influence of Barriers upon Strength of Motivation
1935 Westerhof, Anthony C, Survey and Critical Examination of the Use of Teleology in Modern Psychology
1936 Harton, John J. The Influence of Effort, Persistence and Types of Goal Organization on the Estimation of Time
1936 Pratt, Joseph G Experimental Investigations of Discriminative Learning in Rats
1937 MacColl, Sylvia H. A Comparative Study of the Systems of Lewin and Eoffka with Special Reference to the Interpretation of Memory Phenomena
1938 McCord, William F. The Delayed Reaction and Memory in Rats
1938 McCurdy, Harold G. Psychological Analysis of Literary Productions as a Revelation of Personality
1938 Schoolland, John B. An Experimental Investigation of Constitu­tionally Differentiated Cognitive Behavior of Chicks and Ducks
1939 Christenson, James A., Jr. A Questionnaire Analysis of Personality in Terms of Certain Motivational Categories
1940 Ewing, Thomas N. , Jr. A Study of Certain Factors Involved in Changes of Opinion
1941 Bennett, Georgie B. Structural Factors Affecting the Substitute Value of Activities in Normal and Schizo­phrenic Persons
1941 Stuart, Charles E. An Analysis to Determine a Test Predictive of Extra-Chance Scoring in Card-Calling Tests
1941 Woodruff, Joseph L, The Effects of Certain Factors on Visual Form Discrimination at Near-liminal Levels,
1941 Zirkle, George A. An Experimental Study of Success and Failure in Serial Learning,
1943 Koch, Sigmund Spontaneous Fixation in Rats
1945 Luborsky, Lester B. Some Factors Involved in Short Exposure Visual Perception with Special Reference to Aircraft Recognition Training
1946 McAndrew, Florence H. The Relation of Some Physical Factors to Rigidity
1946 Salomon, Anna D. A Quantitative Investigation of the Effects of Certain Visual Field Factors upon the Perception of Direction
1947 Stainbrook, Edward J. A Study of the Effects of Various Kinds of Induced Convulsive Reactions upon the General and Maze Behavior of the Rat
1947 Smith, Burke M. Effects of Sodium Amytal on Visual Percep­tion of Forms at the Limen
1948 Bevan, William, Jr. The Influence of Fii::ural After-Effects upon Visual Intensity Thresholds
1949 Cohen, Louis D. Level of Aspiration Behavior in Certain Psychosomatic Disorders
1949 Roseman, Morris An Analysis of Differences in Closure Behavior Between Normal and Neuro­psychiatric Subjects
1951 Hallow, William C, Effects of Intravenous Sodium Amytal Medication on Rorschach Performance
1951 McMillan, John J. The Relationship of an Aspect of Group Structure to Conformity of Individual Judgments
1952 Barger, Benjamin Anxiety as a Determinant of Differential Responsivity to Reward and Punishment
1952 Barlow, John A, Secondary Motivation Through Classical Conditioning
1952 Birge, William R, An Experimental Inquiry into the Measurable Handwriting of Five Personality Traits
1952 Gordon, Hiram L. A Comparative Study of Dream Analysis and the Thematic Apperception Test as Projective Techniques
1952 Kao, Katherine C. A Psychological Study of Conscientious Objectors.
1952 Kapchan, Jack A, The Effects of Pain on Intellectual Efficiency and Level of Aspiration.
1952 Michaux, William W Some Relationships Between Hunger and Word­Completion Responses in Normal and in Schizophrenic Subjects,
1952 Strain, Edward R. P Jr. An Experimental Analysis of a Mechanism of Transfer Mediating a Gradient of Avoidance Under Non-reinforcement Conditions.
1952 Webb, Warren W. Conceptual Ability of Schizophrenics as a Function of Threat Failure,
1953 Bevan, John M. Effects of Stress upon Certain Physiological Mechanisms and Behavior of the Albino Rat.
1953 Bleke, Robert C. Reward and Punishment as Determiners of Reminiscence Effects in Schizophrenic and Normal Subjects.
1953 Bramlette, Carl A., Jr. Some Relationships Between the Self-Concept, the Thematic Apperception Test and Personality Adjustment
1953 Colvin, Ralph W. An Experimental Analysis of Attudinal Determinants Underlying Behavior to Color Stimuli on Psychoneurotic Subjects
1953 Dunn, William L., Jr. Changes in the Visual Discrimination Behavior of Schizophrenic Subjects as a  Function of the Meaning Content of the Stimulus.
1953 Edgerton, Jesse W. A Study of the Effects of Prolonged Psycho­logical Stress upon Blood Pressure in Rats Predisposed Toward Hypertensive Levels by Early Acute Choline Deficiency.
1953 Girdner, John B. An Experimental Analysis of the Behavioral  Y Effects of a Perceptual
1953 Goldstone, Sanford Flicker Fusion Measurements and Anxiety Level.
1953 Hutt, Paul J. Rate of Bar-Pressing by the White Rat During Periodic Reinforcement as a Function of the Quality and Quantity of Food Reward.
1953 Mowshowitz, Israel The Study of the Perception of Jewish and  Non-Jewish Faces as it is Related to Prejudice
1953 Scott, Harley A., Jr. The Empirical Assessment of Self Acceptance.
1954 Bleke, Priscilla D. Determination of Relationships Between Distributions of Stimuli and Distributions of
Judgments Under Instructions of Differing Specificity
1954 Clarke, Mary G. Schizophrenic and Normal Language Behavior from the Point of View of Semiotic
1954 Hester, Ruport Application of the Type A Series Ratio Tests,
1954 Hornaday, John A A Method of Developing a Series of Objective­Type Questions for Measuring the Extent to Which an Individual Deceives Himself About His Personal Characteristics.
1954 Kish, George B. The Onset and Cessation of Stimulus  Energy as Conditioned Stimuli in Shock Avoidance Learning in the Albino Rat.
1954 Kubzansky, Philip E. Visual Discrimination and Anxiety Level Under Stress and Non-stress Conditions
1954 Parsons, Oscar A. Status Needs and Performance Under Failure: The Interrelationships Among Performance,
Perception and Social Behavior
1954 Rochlin, Alan M. The Quantitative Effects of Tilt of Visual Stimuli Upon Perception of Parallelness
1954 Sulzer, Richard L A Determination of Several Functions Relating Sensitivity of Perception of Parallelness to Stimulus Dimensions
1954 Tamkin, Arthur S. The Retention of Schizophrenics for Completed and Incompleted Puzzles and its Relation to Ego Strength.
1955 Harrie, Jesse G.,  Jr. A Study of the Mother-Son Relationship in Schizophrenia
1956 Boardman, William K., III The Utilization of Object Structure in Pre-recognition Responses
1956 Dufort, Robert H. Associative and Motivational Factors in Eyelid Conditioning.
1956 Friedman, Edward L. Level of Aspiration and Some Criteria of Adjustment in an Aged Population.
1956 Grace, N. Burton A Developmental Comparison of Word Usage with Structural Aspects of Perception and Social Adjustment.
1956 Gynther, Malcom D. A Study of the Variables Affecting Differential Eyelid Conditioning
1956 Hanson, Harley M. Stimulus Effect of Generalization. Discrimination Training on Stimulus Generalization
1956 Hart, Irvin Maternal Child-Rearing Practices and Authoritarian Ideology
1956 Jones, Ora M. The Relationship Between Visual and Auditory Discrimination and Anxiety Level.
1956 L'Abate, Luciano Transfer and Manifest Anxiety in Paired-Associate Learning
1956 Mallet, John J, Verbal  Recall of Hostile and Neutral Thematic Contents by Schizophrenic and Normal Subjects
1956 Wagoner, Robert A, Response Variability and Response Latency in Anxious and Non-anxious Groups
1956 Zahn, Theodore P. Acquired and Symbolic Affective Value as Determinants of Size Estimation in Schizophrenic and Normal Subjects
1957 Alvarez, Robert R. A Comparison of the Preferences of Schizophrenic and Normal Subjects for Rewarded and Punished Stimuli
1957 Boneau, C, Alan The Effect of Changing the Interstimulus Interval on the Conditioned Eyelid Response
1958 Becker, Joseph An Analysis of Manic-Depressive  Character in Terms of Achievement and Conformity
1958 Farina, Amerigo Patterns of Role Dominance and Conflict in the lnteraction of Parents of Schizophrenic Patients.
1958 Honig, Werner K.  Prediction of Stimulus Preference, Transposition and and Transposition Reversal from the Generalization Gradient
1958 Sindberg, Ronald M. Effects of Rotation Speed and Exposure Time on Perception of the Negative Spiral Aftereffect in  Brain Damaged and Non-brain Damaged Subjects,
1959 Butter, Charles M. Stimulus Generalization and Discrimination Along the Dimensions of Wavelength and Angular Orientation