First Year Festival 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016
First Year Festival 2016

Congratulations to our students for a successful P&N/CNAP first year festival, which was held
Friday in Perkins 217.

The following students presented a diverse array of research topics:

David Murphy, "Oscillatory Saccadic Eardrum Associated Responses"

Emily Cherenack, "Sexual violence and self-efficacy for HIV disclosure among newly diagnosed HIV-positive  men who have sex with men and transgender women"

Zach Monge,  "Functional Network Architecture Differences underlying Successful Item and Source Memory Retrieval in Healthy Older Adults"

Aaron Reuben, "Childhood Adversity and Adult Health"

Divya Subramanian, "Visual continuity: Integration of prior expectations with noisy evidence"

Jane Tandler, "Environmental Stressors and ASD-Like Behavior in Mice"

Brenda Yang, "Remembering and Forgetting in the Internet Age"

Paula Yust, "Children’s Friendship Beliefs: How do they relate to friendship experiences?"

Khoi D. Vo,  "The Malleability of Intertemporal Choice"