Gregory Samanez-Larkin featured in Duke's New Faculty 2017 Series

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

P&N Assistant Professor Gregory Samanez-Larkin is featured in Duke's New Faculty 2017 Series:

Samanez-Larkin explores how the brain's decision-making machinery changes as we age, specifically how individual and age differences in motivation and cognition influence decision making across the life span. His research is at the intersection of a number of subfields within psychology, neuroscience, and economics including human development, affective science, cognitive neuroscience, behavioral economics, and finance. His lab uses a combination of behavioral and neuroimaging techniques ranging from detailed measurement of functional brain activity (fMRI) and neuroreceptors (PET) in the laboratory to experience sampling in everyday life.

Samanez-Larkin joined P&N in July 2017. 

Selected Publications