Climate Handbook

The Department of Psychology & Neuroscience supports a climate that facilitates personal and career growth welcomes and includes all backgrounds and viewpoints, and supports its community. We share Duke's values of respect, trust, diversity, discovery, and excellence. We also recognize that concrete steps are needed to implement those values within our community. 

Through our climate statement, we outline our shared commitments as P&N faculty, staff, and students to supporting one another professionally and with respect. We are collectively committed to fostering a community where all members can thrive by:

  • Modeling positive behaviors
  • Communicating concerns to others
  • Taking steps to improve our practices
  • Signaling respect for others through mindfulness of our language and behaviors.

Our shared values guide our interactions with the members of our community, all activities within our laboratories and classrooms, and all times wherein we represent Duke and/or P&N in other settings. 

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Please note that our Climate Handbook remains a "living document" that we will continue to update and revise each year

We affirm the values expressed by the 2020-2021 P&N Climate Handbook

Aaron Kay Eve S. Puffer Melanie Bonner
Aaron Reuben Fernanda Chardulo Dias De Andrade Mercedes Munoz
Adam Stanaland Francis J Keefe Michael S. Gaffrey
Ahmad Hariri Gabriela Fernandez Michael Tomasello
Alexander D Friedman Grainne Fitzsimons Minna Ng
Alexandria Stone Gregory Samanez-Larkin Morgan Taylor
Allie Sinclair Hallie Davis-Penders Moria Smoski
Analia Albuja Hallie Garrison Nancy Zucker
Angela Pisoni Henry Yin Natalia Silva Harwood
Angie Vieth Jaime Castrellon Nicolas L Camacho
April Lehman James Shah Nimesha Gerlus
Armen Bagdasarov Janai R. Williams Paul McKee
Aryana Yousefzadeh Jane Leer Paul Seli
Audrey Siqi-Liu Jane Rothrock Peter Whitehead
Ben Williams Jane Utley R. Alison Adcock
Benjamin Devlin Jee Young Kim Rachel Guetta
Brenda Straka Jenna McHenry  Raphael Geddert
Bridgette Martin Hard Jess Coleman  Reiko Mazuka
C.M. Jones Jessa Stegall Renate Houts
Candice Wang Jiayue Liu Ricardo Ignacio Morales Torres
Cara August Jiwon Kim Rick Hoyle
Carina Fowler Joe Diehl Robert J. Thompson, Jr.
Caroline J. Smith Justine Shih Roberto Cabeza
Charles Shoemaker Kaitlyn Burnell Robin R Dunn
Christina L. Williams Karen Sugden Ron Batson
Christina SuMin Yu Kenneth A. Dodge Ruth S. Day
Cortney Howard Kenneth Roberts Sarah Broz
Cristina Salvador Kevin LaBar Sarah Gaither
Cynthia LaMaster Kevin O'Neill Sarah S. Arthur
Daniel Parr Leon Li Savannah Johnson
Danielle Rendina Leonard Faul Scott Compton
David C Rubin Leonard White Scott Huettel
David Rabiner Lifu Deng Staci Bilbo
Deborah Cesarini Lillianna Righter Stephanie Schlebusch
Dr. Meltem Yucel Lindsay Ives Stephanie Schuette
Elika Bergelson Madeline Carrig Steven Asher
Elizabeth J. Marsh Makeba Wilbourn Thomas Newpher
Ellen Gaffrey Martha Putallaz Tiffany Yarborough
Emmaline D Eliseev Marty Woldorff Timothy J. Strauman
Eric J. Juarez Matthew D Bachman Tobias Egner
Erin Campbell Matthew Slayton Tobias Overath
Ethan T. Whitman Maxwell Elliott Tyler Lee
Eva Gjorgieva Meghann Koffi Zach Rosenthal