P&N Dissertation Archive, 1951-1960

Year Name Title
1960 Arrenberg, David L. The Relations Between Delayed Breathing Birth (Apneaneonatorum) and Subsequent Intellectual, Visual-Motor, and Motor Development of Children
1960 Crovitz, Elaine Rote Learning in the Aged
1960 Crovitz, Herbert F. Patterns of Relative Localization of an Odd Element Within a Visual Grouping as a
Function of Laterality Characteristics and Tendencies to Eye Movement
1960 Evans, Wayne O. The Dimensional Bases of Stimulus Generali­zation
1960 Freedheim, Donald K. An Investigation of Masculinity and Parental Role Patterns
1960 Gottlieb, Ann Lodge Effects of Facilitating, Neutral and Inhibiting Instructions on Visual Perception in Brain
1960 Gottlieb, Gilbert The Following Response of Wild and  Domestic Ducklings of the Same Species (Anas
platyrhynchos )
1960 Greenberg, George Visual Induction of Eye Torison, as Measured with an After-image Technique, in Relation to VIsual Perception of the Vertical
1960 Langston, Robert D. Children's Overt and Fantasy Aggression Toward Peers as a Function of Perceived Severity of Parental Punishment
1960 Ost, John W.P. Interstimulus Interval and Proportion of Non-reinforced Trials in Differential Eyelid Conditioning.
1959 Butter, Charles M Stimulus Generalization and Discrimination Along the Dimensions of Wavelength and Angular Orientation
1959 Cannon, WIlliam M., Jr. A Study of the Response of Blind and Sighted Individuals to the Kuder Preference Record
1959 Dunham, Richard M. Sensitivity of Schizophrenics to Parental Censure
1959 Engelhart, Roland S. Semantic Correlates of Interpersonal Concepts and Parental Attributes in Schizophrenia
1959 Huse, Mary Smith Pursuit-Rotor Performance in the Brain­Damaged: The Role of Reactive and Con­ditioned Inhibition in Cortical Dysfunction
1959 Kelty, Edward J. Normal Electrocortical Activity in Relation to Personality Factors
1959 King, Richard A. The Effects of Training and Motivation  on the Components of a Learned Instrumental
1959 Kreinik, Phyllis S. Parent-Child Themas and Concept Attainment in Schizophrenia
1959 Levin, Saul M. The Effects of Awareness on Verbal Conditioning
1959 Nickerson, Kenneth S. The Relationship of Leveling-Sharpening Cognitive Controls and Manifest Anxiety to the Accuracy of Visual Size Judgments
1959 Taylor, John D. The Meaningfulness of Three Hundred and Twenty Words and Paralogs
1958 Becker, Joseph An Analysis of Manic-Depressive  Character in Terms of Achievement and Conformity
1958 Farina, Amerigo Patterns of Role Dominance and Conflict in the lnteraction of Parents of Schizophrenic Patients.
1958 Honig, Werner K. Prediction of Stimulus Preference, Transposition and and Transposition Reversal from the Generalization Gradient
1958 Sindberg, Ronald M. Effects of Rotation Speed and Exposure Time on Perception of the Negative Spiral Aftereffect in  Brain Damaged and Non-brain Damaged Subjects,
1957 Alvarez, Robert R. A Comparison of the Preferences of Schizophrenic and Normal Subjects for Rewarded and Punished Stimuli
1957 Boneau, C, Alan The Effect of Changing the Interstimulus Interval on the Conditioned Eyelid Response
1956 Boardman, William K., III The Utilization of Object Structure in Pre-recognition Responses
1956 Dufort, Robert H. Associative and Motivational Factors in Eyelid Conditioning
1956 Friedman, Edward L. Level of Aspiration and Some Criteria of Adjustment in an Aged Population
1956 Grace, N. Burton A Developmental Comparison of Word Usage with Structural Aspects of Perception and Social Adjustment
1956 Gynther, Malcom D. A Study of the Variables Affecting Differential Eyelid Conditioning
1956 Hanson, Harley M The Effects of Discrimination on Stimulus Generalization
1956 Hart, Irvin Maternal Child-Rearing Practices and Authoritarian Ideology
1956 Jones, Ora M. The Relationship Between Visual and Auditory Discrimination and Anxiety Level
1956 L'Abate, Luciano Transfer and Manifest Anxiety in Paired-Associate Learning
1956 Mallet, John J, Verbal  Recall of Hostile and Neutral Thematic Contents by Schizophrenic and Normal Subjects
1956 Wagoner, Robert A, Response Variability and Response Latency in Anxious and Non-anxious Groups
1956 Zahn, Theodore P Acquired and Symbolic Affective Value as Determinants of Size Estimation in Schizophrenic and Normal Subjects
1955 Harrie, Jesse G.,  Jr. A Study of the Mother-Son Relationship in Schizophrenia
1954 Bleke, Priscilla D Determination of Relationships Between Distributions of Stimuli and Distributions of
Judgments Under Instructions of Differing Specificity
1954 Clarke, Mary G. Schizophrenic and Normal Language Behavior from the Point of View of Semiotic
1954 Hester, Ruport Application of the Type A Series Ratio Tests
1954 Hornaday, John A A Method of Developing a Series of Objective­Type Questions for Measuring the Extent to Which an Individual Deceives Himself About His Personal Characteristics
1954 Kish, George B. The Onset and Cessation of Stimulus  Energy as Conditioned Stimuli in Shock Avoidance Learning in the Albino Rat
1954 Kubzansky, Philip E Visual Discrimination and Anxiety Level Under Stress and Non-stress Conditions
1954 Parsons, Oscar A. Status Needs and Performance Under Failure: The Interrelationships Among Performance,
Perception and Social Behavior
1954 Rochlin, Alan M. The Quantitative Effects of Tilt of Visual Stimuli Upon Perception of Parallelness
1954 Sulzer, Richard L A Determination of Several Functions Relating Sensitivity of Perception of Parallelness to Stimulus Dimensions
1954 Tamkin, Arthur S. The Retention of Schizophrenics for Completed and Incompleted Puzzles and its Relation to Ego Strength
1953 Bevan, John M. Effects of Stress upon Certain Physiological Mechanisms and Behavior of the Albino Rat
1953 Bleke, Robert C. Reward and Punishment as Determiners of Reminiscence Effects in Schizophrenic and Normal Subjects
1953 Bramlette, Carl A., Jr. Some Relationships Between the Self-Concept, the Thematic Apperception Test and Personality Adjustment
1953 Colvin, Ralph W. An Experimental Analysis of Attitudinal Determinants Underlying Behavior to Color Stimuli on Psychoneurotic Subjects
1953 Dunn, William L., Jr. Changes in the Visual Discrimination Behavior of Schizophrenic Subjects as a  Function of the Meaning Content of the Stimulus
1953 Edgerton, Jesse W. A Study of the Effects of Prolonged Psycho­logical Stress upon Blood Pressure in Rats Predisposed Toward Hypertensive Levels by Early Acute Choline Deficiency
1953 Girdner, John B An experimental analysis of the behavioral effects of a perceptual consequence unrelated to organic drive states
1953 Goldstone, Sanford The Relationship Between Flicker Fusion Measurements and Anxiety Level
1953 Hutt, Paul J. Rate of Bar-Pressing by the White Rat During Periodic Reinforcement as a Function of the Quality and Quantity of Food Reward
1953 Mowshowitz, Israel The Study of the Perception of Jewish and  Non-Jewish Faces as it is Related to Prejudice
1953 Scott, Harley A., Jr. The Empirical Assessment of Self Acceptance
1952 Barger, Benjamin Anxiety as a Determinant of Differential Responsivity to Reward and Punishment
1952 Barlow, John A, Secondary Motivation Through Classical Conditioning
1952 Birge, William R An Experimental Inquiry into the Measurable Handwriting of Five Personality Traits
1952 Gordon, Hiram L. A Comparative Study of Dream Analysis and the Thematic Apperception Test as Projective Techniques
1952 Kao, Katherine C. A Psychological Study of Conscientious Objectors
1952 Kapchan, Jack A The Effects of Pain on Intellectual Efficiency and Level of Aspiration
1952 Michaux, William W Some Relationships Between Hunger and Word­-Completion Responses in Normal and in Schizophrenic Subjects
1952 Strain, Edward R. P Jr. An Experimental Analysis of a Mechanism of Transfer Mediating a Gradient of Avoidance Under Non-reinforcement Conditions
1952 Webb, Warren W. Conceptual Ability of Schizophrenics as a Function of Threat Failure
1951 Hallow, William C, Effects of Intravenous Sodium Amytal Medication on Rorschach Performance
1951 McMillan, John J. The Relationship of an Aspect of Group Structure to Conformity of Individual Judgments